South Florida Interior Design

Living Room Design

Whether you have a formal living room or a cozy family room, Ronnie Interior Designs will add that special touch that will make your living space special. We not only can make the room Contemporary Chic to Traditional. We will incorporate a personal touch that matches the client's personal sense of style. We make custom-made sofas and chairs, or re-design and re-upholster your existing furniture at a savings. Also, we design coffee tables, end tables, and sofa tables, or purchase them from various sources. Read More »

Dining Room Design

The Dining Room of course needs to be functional for casual or elegant dining, whether a table for two or twenty, can make or break an evening. Ronnie Interior Designs can help to create the mood, whether intimate or formal. The table can be made out of marble, granite, glass or a variety of woods, and the table top can also be custom-sized and in any shape. Read More »

Kitchen Design

Every kitchen space that we create will be according to your specifications and cost-level. A variety of designs are available from Old World to Contemporary to High tech. We pride ourselves that we can complete the kitchen including construction, in 8 weeks or less. We design the space, to accommodate the latest of appliances on the market that are available, including wine coolers. Read More »

Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are either refurbished or remodeled according to your specification.  The flooring can be designed using marble, granite, tile, slate, porcelain tile etc. The cabinetry can be made with the finest and most sophisticated of woods. We will use mahogany, maple, teak, rosewood, oak, cherry and beach - whatever your choice may be. Your counter can be made using the least expensive, mica to the more exotics: granite, quartz, onyx, marble, faux stone, and slate. Read More »

Bar & Wall Unit Design

Whether building a bar, or a library - contemporary to traditional - our clients can choose from a variety of styles that are exceptionally designed to fit your taste, with your comfort in mind.  The bar can be either free-standing or built in.  You can choose from a variety of woods or wood-veneers, maple with or without stains, mahogany, birch, beech, oak, etc. The counters can be onyx, granite, stone, wood, quartz, glass etc., and floated as well. Read More »

Custom Media Center Design

We design remarkable media centers and family theaters for you. We specialize in a wide range of styles from retro-styled 1950's theaters to contemporary or elegant traditional. Our media wall units can accommodate any size Plasma or LCD screen, DVD players, and surround sound.
Read More »

Custom Furniture Design

Whether your personal taste is one that has a sense of whimsy, or perhaps more contemporary or even formal, we build our furniture for you. You might desire something that matches a pre-existing piece that is in your collection. In both of these situations, we endeavor to create something that matches form with function, for any occasion you might have. Read More »

Window Treatments

Ronnie Interior Design stands out amongst the various designers in Southern Florida by the variety of window treatments that we can design for your home or office. Our looks can range from traditional to contemporary. Read More »

Patio & Barbecue Area Design

Here at Ronnie Interior Design we believe that the outdoors should be as important as the indoors. We will create according to your specifications, a patio space that could include the following elements: custom brick or stonework, an elegant leisure living space, and as well, a bar or kitchen that matches your entertaining needs. Read More »

Bedroom Design

To get away from the busy-ness of the day, Ronnie Interior Design can help create for you a place of rest and leisure for a long-deserved rest. We have many options to satisfy the needs of our clients. Whatever your taste level is -- classic, contemporary, or whimsical: we will work to create a design that you find soothing and relaxing. Read More »

Closet Design


Office & Home Office Design

Ronnie Interior Design can construct for you a personal or private office.  We offer a variety of woods and wood-veneers, oak, beech, cherry, rosewood, teak, mahogany, as well the less expensive thermofoil, to create a look that you feel is functional & tasteful, for your work place. Read More »


Ronnie Interior Designs believes that your home should have a distinction that will make your space stand out from the crowd. Ronnie Halpern is one of South Florida's premier artists, and does magnificent and beautiful artwork that will complement and inspire any room that is designed by her. Large canvasses are not a problem. She is skilled at creating a variety of pieces of abstract artwork. Read More »

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