Custom Furniture Design

Whether your personal taste is one that has a sense of whimsy, or perhaps more contemporary or even formal, we build our furniture for you. You might desire something that matches a pre-existing piece that is in your collection. In both of these situations, we endeavor to create something that matches form with function for any occasion.

We design your furniture using a variety of materials; both woods and veneers like mahogany, teak, ebony, oak, and beach or perhaps something more contemporary using steel and glass. We design everything from media centers, wall units, and closets, to bathrooms and kitchens. We make custom office furniture for your office or home. We match our furniture to both the size of the room and the scale of other objects in the room to suit your personal sense of style. We make custom upholstered pieces too – from sofas to chairs for your comfort and size of your room.

While some clients have chosen to buy the furniture from other places, we recommend that you choose from some of the many design sources with which we work. Oftentimes, using a store-bought item can be a problem with the scale of the room, and it will seem out of place. Sometimes the design you wish to incorporate into your room demands a unique piece or pieces. The quality that makes Ronnie Interior Designs stand out from the crowd is that we can achieve the look you desire.

When designing a room, consider having it include some of Ronnie’s individually designed pieces of furniture which will decrease your budget.

Servicing Parkland, Coral Springs, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, and most of Broward County. Call Us Today for a Complimentary Consultation. 954-349-6363.

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