About Ronnie Interior Designs


We specialize in the design and creation of custom home furnishings. Drawing on our years of experience, we match form and function, integrating it to give you the most comfortable and beautiful of homes, the kind of residence you can show your friends with pride. Your needs and desires are always our highest priority.


The easiest to see when you enter a completed room, but usually the most challenging to create. We bring your style to life. You can be committed to one particular period or we can combine several for a very modern look. Our artistic versatility is our biggest strength.

Wall and Window Treatments

It's not magic, but it will seem that way when we're finished with your home. We'll dress up your walls with paint, wall paper, faux styling or a unique combination of materials that bring out the best in the room. Then we complete the package with selected drapes, blinds or shutters to make a “stunning statement”.   


Now that your house is dressed up, it's time for the "jewelry." We work with glass, metal, ceramics and a wide range of materials to make your house stunning. Creative or classical, your visitors will be very impressed.   

The Complete Package

When you’re ready for an upgrade or a complete makeover in your home, use the best, Ronnie Interior Designs (954) 349-6363.

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